A Youth Empowerment Project , B’Bugia Malta – SPARK

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The President’s Trust was approached by detached youth workers working with young people in the locality of B’Bugia who are not otherwise engaged in other activities apart from using their bicycles and skateboards on the promenade of B’Bugia.

The President’s Trust embarked on a process to give voice and empower this cohort of young persons and is coordinating the joint efforts of Agenzija Zaghzagh and the Local Council to materialise the construction of a skatepark in the locality.

The construction of this skatepark is the most evident end to a more elaborate process that these young people have embarked on through this initiative.

SPARK (named by the young people themselves) is an initiative of empowerment, through which these young people are provided the space to be active citizens. Youth participation is a value at the core of this initiative. The young people are active participants through the whole process from the design of the architectural plans to the fund-raising and the future maintenance of this space. These bicycle/skateboarding enthusiasts are represented on a committee that is responsible for implementing SPARK.

At the end, the skatepark will provide a safe space that will facilitate to connect the young people with the youth workers and the latter will be able to provide more effective interventions.

This youth empowerment initiative seeks to provide concrete life skills to this cohort of young people both during project SPARK and after the end of this initiative.

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