Helping Children Overcome Challenges and Thrive – St. Paul’s Bay, Malta

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The President's Trust seeks to identify local communities that may be facing challenges due to a variety of socio-economic challenges and because of which situations, the children and young persons in particular may be at risk.

The northern area of St. Paul’s Bay, Qawra and Bugibba has been one of the identified communities that require attention. In parallel, the President’s Trust was approached by Blossom Foundation, founded by Ms. Claudine Cassar, which NGO was interested to alleviate the difficulties faced by vulnerable children and their families. The President's Trust believes in working hand-in-hand with people working on the ground and so it entered into a collaborative relationship with the primary school of St. Paul's Bay as the offset for this initiative. Blossom Foundation is the implementing partner for the President’s Trust for this initiative.

The ‘Helping Children Overcome Challenges and Thrive’ is an initiative focused on the children attending primary schooling and their families. This initiative has provided the primary school with full-time counselling services, including the expertise of trans-cultural counselling which expertise was never available as yet for the school. This is ensuring timely and effective interventions. This service is also of support to the staff of the school.

Through this first step, the Trust has been able to identify other possible interventions of an educational and extra-curricular nature and which will be implemented after-school hours that will alleviate the challenges and will provide a more holistic impact. It is through this bottom-up approach that the long-term development of this initiative is formulated.

This initiative would have not been possible without the financial support of local businesses who have understood the reality and difficulties of the community.

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