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After the pilot-project, ‘Get-Into’ with the Princes’s Trust in the UK (2015), the following year the President’s Trust designed and developed its own Employment Initiative adapted to the Maltese context that has at its very core the concern of disadvantaged youth that are continuously falling out of existing safety nets when it comes to training and employment. This initiative targets young people who despite of having possibly attended training courses and/or other schemes remain unemployed, in particular young people who are/lived in out-of-home care. This initiative seeks the assistance of potential employers who with the right support and with the right commitment will be assisting these persons to flourish.

This initiative stems from the belief that some young people will succeed if and when someone believes in them and is willing to walk an extra mile along their path.

Some young people also lack a positive role model in their life who can guide and encourage them and help them grow, especially during life transitions that can be overwhelming. Participants on this project are offered the support of an adult volunteer mentor that is trained by The President’s Trust to build a healthy professional relationship with the young person and to be a contact point throughout this process. This mentoring system is also beneficial to the company employing the young person because it can actually liaise with a person who is following the participant and to whom it can refer any concerns, always with the final intention that the young person concerned reaches his or her goal.

This year The President’s Trust is expanding its resources by collaborating with the Malta Association for Supported Employment who are providing its supported employment programme, knowledge and experience for this initiative. This will consolidate this Initiative and will sustainably ensure that more disadvantaged young people can be reached.

The President’s Trust believes that each and every young person is an asset to society if his or her qualities are recognized, developed and put to good use.

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