What We Do

This Presidency has a special mandate, that of helping to address poverty and social exclusion and in this regard, it is endeavouring to seek, in various ways, the wellbeing of all people in Maltese society.

The President’s Trust in particular is a structure to give support to vulnerable young people experiencing inequalities to empower them to gradually change their lives, and to aim for a brighter future. In particular, the Trust focuses on young people who are in out-of-home care or had a brush with justice.

The idea behind the President’s Trust is that renowned and experienced businessmen and professionals from the psychosocial field come together to take concrete action to combat poverty in children and young persons. Having a corporate social responsibility framework, the Trust promotes the idea that private companies contribute to this specific purpose, that is, to assist children and youth in particular to take charge of their own lives and improve their life situation, sharing the responsibility to fight poverty and social exclusion amongst our young population.

Every young person in difficulty and lacking the psychosocial support is of concern. The Trust believes that each and every young person has the strengths, abilities and skills that can be further developed, empowered and put to good use, to ensure that everyone where possible reach their full potential.

The work of the President’s Trust is based on scientific evidence taken from local and international research.

The President’s Trust operates on a project-dimension. Its initiatives are well-defined projects emerging from priorities in the social field, that are well-researched, planned and costed to ensure an efficient and effective service that is sustainable over the years.